Skil 7510-RT Review

Executive Summary:

A certified refurbished belt sander, the Skil 7510-RT offers a 6AMP motor and auto-tracking, resulting in a sander that is an excellent light-use all-rounder, packing a punch.


Who Is It For?

Those new to woodworking or power tools can consider the Skil an excellent introduction and a great investment. This machine offers good value for money for those looking to have a basic tool kit set up to handle occasional DIY and home maintenance tasks.


A basic, easy-to-use sander that is designed with the beginner in mind. The Skil is no-frills, but certainly does the job for occasional DIY needs. One of the best things about the 7510-RT is the micro-filtration – it captures and contains fine dust particles, so those of you allergic to dust will love this machine. This is a beginner-friendly and, all in all, a user-friendly machine, but it weighs more than 7 pounds, so it’s quite a bit heavier than most similar models, which means it can be uncomfortable for prolonged use.


  • Very beginner-friendly

  • Affordable

  • Great for basic, occasional DIY or home-improvement work

  • The micro-filtration feature


  • Can be uncomfortable for prolonged use

  • Weight

Value for Money:

While this is certainly not a tool for professionals or serious hobbyists, those who just want a basic belt sander on hand for odd jobs, will find the Skil 7510-RT reliable and, most importantly, affordable.

Apart from weighing a little more than we’d like, the 7510-RT is a well-rounded machine every responsible aspiring handyman should own.


The manual for this can be found on our manuals page.