Ridgid ZRR2740 Review

Executive Summary

The Ridgid ZRR2740 is a small, lightweight belt sander, which packs more power than its 6.5AMP motor might suggest. Featuring both auto-tracking and electronic feedback, the Ridgid is designed with the user in mind, and is clearly setting the bar for quality and value, with an affordable price and strong performance.


Who Is It For?

While 6.5AMPs probably isn't going to be enough power for regular professional use, the ZRR2740 gives a good show for its size. It would be an ideal purchase for dedicated hobbyists and furniture or cabinet makers who are looking for an affordable yet durable workhorse.


The best feature of the Ridgid is its twin-fan design: one fan cools the motor, while the other directs dust into the dust collection bag, which is included. This means the sander is less prone to overheating, and can therefore run longer – ideal when you're pushed for time.

It is also fairly quiet during use, which is a bonus for those living in apartments, or with neighbors who don't like being disturbed. All handles are soft grip, making the ZRR2740 a comfortable sander to use, even over long periods on heavy jobs.


  • Exceeds expectations as far as power is concerned – definitely stronger than you would expect from a 6.5AMP machine

  • The twin-fan feature – there aren’t many belt sanders with two fans nowadays, but this is a great little feature that ensures no dust gets out and, plus, the machine never overheats

  • Soft-grip handles – they decrease vibration and increase comfort

  • 12 feet long rubber cord with cord wrap – allows great mobility and the solid cord wrap protects it from damage


  • This is a reconditioned unit, and, in some cases, poor presentation on delivery has caused concerns about how much work had actually been done to recondition the unit

  • The motor isn’t too powerful, which means this is not a machine for professionals and more demanding users

Value for Money

If you're a professional, you may feel more comfortable spending $100 or so more to buy a brand new sander, just for peace of mind. However, for the high-volume hobbyist or home-improvement enthusiast who doesn't mind buying reconditioned tools, this sander is surprisingly good quality, yet compact and lightweight enough to suit a basic tool kit.


The manual for this product is available on our manuals page.