Porter-Cable 690LR Router Review


Woodworking is no easy feat. It requires creativity, skills, and knowledge about how to operate an array of tools and equipment. This is because how masterfully you use your tool and how high quality the equipment is play a significant role in how your masterpiece will end up looking like.

One such vital tool is a router which serves to be the primary equipment to have if you are a, or wish to be a, woodworker. While there are an array of options to choose from in the market, the Porter-Cable 690LR proves to the ideal choice for those who wish for a high-quality fixed base router.


The product is designed after keeping in mind how much users value comfort and convenience. Such a consideration is reflective in the placement of two handles on the router to make sure that routing is a task marked by ease for many.

Moreover, the durability of the router is guaranteed. This is made certain by the use of aluminum in the construction of the motor and the base. This material gives the router a sturdy build, which can withstand constant use.

Furthermore, the components of the product are designed to be protected via the dust-sealed switch which ensures that the elements of the router do not gather dust, hence providing durability. The inclusion of ball-bearings in the construction also protects the router from wear and tear.

The router is designed in a way to make sure that the motor stays at its place. This is achieved by the inclusion of an under-table stop. Such a design guarantees that the motor does not rotate out of the base. The molded grips of the router also allow for a comfortable routing experience, regardless of how long the job is.


This fixed based router is a single-speed one with a rate of 27500 RPM. I find this feature to be a tad inconvenient since it means that you can't vary the speed of the router as per your desires. The motor pack included in the product is compatible with both a D handle and a plunge base. However, these two items are not sold with the package.

A three-year warranty accompanies a product which makes it highly cost-effective. Moreover, the one-year free servicing provided serves to be an added benefit.

The product features precise adjustments which can be achieved via the cam-lock lever. The product can yield accurate output to within 1/128 inches. This is accomplished by the inclusion of a micro-depth adjuster that allows for precision.

The product also features an auto-release collet system. Such a feature allows for easy bit removal and, hence, optimum performance.


The product succeeds in delivering an excellent performance. This can be achieved by the powerful 11-amp motor with a horsepower of 1-3/4 included in the router. Such an engine allows you to efficiently use the router for home-based as well as workshop tasks.

The router also provides for consistent performance. This can be achieved by the cam-lock lever which provides for an adjustment in the coarse height as per the requirement of the job, hence yielding a steady quality of output.


  • The compact size of the product makes it ideal for home-based projects

  • The motor of the router is quite powerful

  • Enhanced durability marks the product

  • The price of the router is reasonable

  • The router is immensely stable, leading to precise and accurate routing


  • The on-off switch of the router is placed at an awkward position

  • Only a single-speed option is provided, which leads to limited use

  • A case does not accompany the router, leading to inconvenience

  • The opening diameter of the router is small


Overall, this product has managed to be a high-quality, compact-sized fixed base router. The durability and cost-effectiveness of the product are commendable. It is hard to find a router which is as sturdy yet as transportable as this router. Therefore, one can say that this router has succeeded in offering a value-added combination to customers.

While those of you who wish for more control over the speed of the product will be disappointed, if you value efficiency and power above autonomy, the Porter-Cable 690LR Router will be the ideal choice for you.


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