Makita RT0701C Compact Router Review


Routers come in quite handy when you are woodworking. There is an array of wood routers on the market to choose from, but the Makita RT0701C comes out on top due to its compact size and precision. It is equipped with a variety of value-added features.


Compactness marks the overall design of the product. Its slim and ergonomically apt exterior allows the router to be transportable, which adds to the convenience of using the router. It is because such a design aids in the product being comfortable to use and easy to control.

The use of heavy-duty aluminum in the construction of the motor has also allowed this router to be extremely durable. The glossy silver finish of the exterior, when combined with the blue and black colors, gives the router a simple look.


The router features a variable speed control dial which can be switched from 1 to 6 to provide you with speed ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. This variable speed provides users with the freedom to set the speed of the router as per the requirements of the task being done.

The durability of the product is also ensured by the electronic speed control feature which allows for consistency in speed under load, thereby reducing start-up twisting. This characteristic, in turn, allows for prevention against burning out of the product.

The router is also accompanied by a soft start feature which ensures that the torque on the motor is minimized, hence allowing for a smoother operation.

Furthermore, the product is equipped with a cam lock system which is quick release in nature. Such a system allows you to adjust the depth of the router quickly, which allows for ease of removal or installation of the base. The fine depth adjustment system provides you with a way to precisely determine the settings which are bound to lead to a smooth and accurate output.


The router succeeds in delivering optimum performance. This is achieved via the motor's ability to provide adequate horsepower on 6.5 amps. The product also allows you to switch from plunge to fixed base swiftly.

The product manages to be an excellent plunge router since it successfully produces clean cuts when you lower the cutter into the wood. However, since the motor tends to drop when the lock lever is opened, the fine depth adjustments are harder to position since the motor does not tend to remain in place.


  • The slim design of the router makes it ideal for small-scale projects

  • The small base of the product makes it easier to access the corners of the wood

  • Robustness marks the fence of the router

  • The soft start motor allows for better control of the router

  • The motor brushes are accessible and can be effectively cleaned and replaced


  • The power switch does not have a dust shield which made it difficult for me analyze whether the router was performing precisely

  • The motor drops every time the base is unlocked, leading to difficulty in depth adjustment

  • The router is not equipped with LED lights

  • The opening of the fixed base is too small


All in all, I believe that for the price charged, this router has succeeded in delivering superior performance. The variable speed option is excellent for those of us who wish to adapt the speed as per the application's requirement. The slim design of the router is also a source of massive convenience as it is easy to store and use in home-based projects.

This product succeeded in being a well-built offer which delivered clear cuts, especially when in the plunge base mode. The fact that it has a heavy-duty aluminum motor means that you will be provided with a durable router. Therefore, you don't need to worry about unnecessary trips to the store.

While the motor dropping when the lock lever is opened serves to be a major issue, the product is overall excellent for novices as well as professionals.

If you value durability and excellent performance, the Makita RT0701C will be a perfect fit for you. If you can overlook the minor flaws it exhibits, you will not be disappointed with this router.


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