Genesis GBS321A Review

Executive Summary

With its adjustable fit handle, and ability to handle small, tight spaces whilst still giving a good quality finish, the Genesis GBS321A is the sander for all seasons.

Whether you're looking for a reliable tool kit staple for general home use, or something that can handle a high volume of hobbyist work, or even if you're just starting out as a professional carpenter or handy person, and want something cheap but reliable to get you on your way, the Genesis is the sander for you.


Who Is It For?

The Genesis is versatile and powerful enough to tick the boxes on most anyone's “must-haves” for a belt sander.

From the householder who just wants to know they have something available should they need one, to the individual starting out in a professional woodworking career, the Genesis represents quality and value. In fact, the GBS321A does everything it says it does and more.


Designed for comfort and control, the GBS321A doesn't disappoint on either front. It also features a fast and easy-to-use belt change system, ideal when time is a priority, and you want to spend as much of it as possible actually working on your project, rather than fiddling around with your tools. Most importantly – the belt doesn’t get jammed in the machine and everything works perfectly fine.


  • Good sanding speed

  • Powerful

  • Easy to handle and great for working in small spaces

  • Variable speed feature

  • Adjustable front handle


  • Belt needs frequent adjustment during larger, heavy-duty projects

Value for Money

The Genesis GBS321A represents excellent value for money. Offering professional quality without the professional price tag, it's a great investment whatever your needs or level of skill.


The manual for this can be found on our manuals page.