Festool 2200W EB Router Review


Are you planning to indulge in some woodworking over your vacations? Or are you a professional woodworker or aspire to be? If so, once you have attained all the knowledge and skills required to undertake such a task, make sure you equip yourself with high-quality tools.

While your skills and creativity are integral to making you an excellent woodworker, an excellent tool will ensure that your output comes out looking as accurate and as good as you envisioned in your head. One such equipment is a wood router. A router is an essential tool that you require. One such value-added product is the Festool 574354 EB Router.


This Festool is designed in a way to be immensely portable which allows it to be efficiently stored and used without difficulty. This is ensured by the compactness and lightness of the product.

Moreover, the router is equipped with a 30-degree offset. This inclusion in the design of the product allows you to enjoy the enhanced control that is provided. Since the plunge lock and power switch are situated right by your fingertips, the router is marked by ease of use.

Furthermore, the routers are accompanied by dust extraction ports. Such an addition allows for effective capturing of dust and debris which leads to improved visibility and extended cutter life. This design, therefore, not only provides improved convenience but also ensures the high durability of the product.

Additionally, the Festool includes a spindle lock which allows you to quickly change the bits via a mere flick of the wrist and without the need for additional tools.


This product is equipped to be used for various purposes including making heavy cuts as well as trimming laminates. The router features accurate and precise cuts which make the product worth it.

The router is equipped with an interchangeable tool-free base plate system. Such a system plays an integral role in expanding the functions of the product between plates which are application-specific in nature. Moreover, the product is equipped with micro-adjustment depth control which allows for improved precision of up to 1/256-inch. Such a feature is unheard of and lets this product stand out from the crowd.

The product also features MMC electronic controls. Such a function lets you enjoy a constant speed throughout the time the router operates, regardless of how heavy the load is. This feature, in turn, leads to better quality in cutting and allows for a step-less variable speed.


This router succeeds in delivering powerful performance. The 574354 manages to plunge hard marble and make 0.5 inches of a groove in a single take. This performance is guaranteed by the 2200 watts of power of the product.

The angled handles also play an integral role in ensuring the performance of the product. This is because such handles allow for a comfortable experience on the users' side which translates into a consistently excellent performance.

The four-position depth stop also aids in this process by allowing for incremental steps which ensure that you can plow through the toughest tasks and make smooth cuts in the process.


  • The router exhibits a superior dust collection system

  • The product is quite sturdy

  • The router is comfortable to work with and provides smooth handling

  • The weight of the product is optimum since it allows for enhanced stability


  • The router is on the pricey side


All in all, this router has been well received, and I can understand why. I love the comfortable handling the product succeeds in providing. Moreover, the dust collection system is better than any other router within the price range, and such a feature allows for enhanced durability which is what everyone wants.

I believe that the price of the product, although premium, is justified by the value-added features provided by the router. It is not every day that you find a router which plows through marble as well as wood as quickly as this router does.

If you are looking for a great router which is also compact in size to allow for improved portability, you will not be disappointed by the Festool 574354 EB Router.


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