DeWalt DWP611PK Compact Router Review


Woodworking is more than just about skills and creativity. It is also about precision and accuracy. While you may pride yourself on taking accurate measurements and making precise cutting lines, at the end of the day, the accuracy of your project depends on the quality of your equipment. Hence, the tools that you use are immensely crucial to ensure the quality of your output.

One such piece of equipment is a router. This tool serves to be the most basic machine that every woodworker needs to be equipped with. While there are never-ending choices in the market to select from, not all of them are good enough to do the trick. However, one router that does manage to deliver smooth and superior performance is Dewalt DWP611PK Compact Router.


The product has been made in a way to ensure excellent performance of the router as well as to guarantee that the product lasts long.

No one likes to make unnecessary trips to the tool shop, so this product is designed to be sturdy and durable. This is ensured by the use of aluminum in the construction of the base as well as the motor housing.

Moreover, the router is equipped with dual LEDs which allow for enhanced visibility when operating the product. This visibility is also ensured by the inclusion of a clear plastic fixed base. These additions prove to be convenient for all.

This convenience is further enhanced by the inclusion of over-molded rubber handles in the plunge base which allows you to have a secure grip when operating the router, which translates into a comfortable experience.

The sub-base of the router is designed to be large so as to provide users with a greater surface to work on. Such a feature allows for improved contact and, hence, enhanced control. The inclusion of the large plunge base platform also adds to the stability of the product when using it for heavier applications.


The product features a variable speed control which allows you to change the rate of the input as per the requirements of your project. This feature results in a better output. The speed can be varied between 16000 and 27000 RPM.

The router is also accompanied by a soft start function which allows the motor of the product to experience less torque, which leads to better control of the equipment and the task. The fact that the engine is equipped with an electronic feedback system proves to be excellent for performance. This is because such a feature allows this product to maintain a consistent motor speed throughout the cutting process and, hence, yielding high-quality output.

The inclusion of a large spindle lock which is low pressure in nature has allowed this product to perform single wrench bit changes in a manner which is comfortable to the user. Meanwhile, the multiple shaft-lock features play a part in providing quick bit changes.


This router yields satisfactory performance. Such a performance can be attributed to the 7-amp motor with a horsepower of 1.25. Considering the compact size of the router, this horsepower allows the motor of the product to be immensely powerful and to yield satisfactory output regardless of how severe the application is.

The adjustment ring also plays a role in ensuring improved performance. The ring allows for depth changes to within 1/64 inches in a fixed base. These changes allow for accurate and clear cuts.


  • The product is compact, leading to enhanced portability

  • I find the product to be relatively quiet compared to other routers

  • This router can handle both soft and hard wood

  • The bits are easy to change

  • The product allows for smooth performance


  • The collet measures only 0.25 inches

  • The product does not have any side handles

  • The router is not cordless


All in all, if you are a novice with a passion for woodworking, this router will provide you with all the functions and benefits you need. If you are a professional woodworker, this product will serve to be an excellent addition to your equipment if a compact wood router is what you crave.

If you wish for a router which can perform large applications, the Dewalt DWP611PK Compact Router is the tool for you.


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