DeWalt DW618B3 Router Kit Review


Are you a woodworker? Do you wish to ensure that each of your projects come out looking like masterpieces? If so, you should invest in high-quality tools including a router kit.

A router serves to be a primary tool which every woodworker should be equipped with. However, not all routers in the market prove to be the perfect fit. While some of them succeed in delivering excellent performance, others don't. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a router wisely.

One such high-quality router is DeWalt DW618B3. The value-added features of this kit are bound to satisfy you, and it features on our list of the best wood routers.


The design of the product is such that it ensures your comfort. This comfort and ease of use are achieved by the inclusion of rubber over molded handles which provide you with a comfortable grip. Moreover, the product is designed to have a low center of gravity so as to increase the stability of the router when in use.

The router is also accompanied by a dust-sealed switch which protects the electronic parts of the router from dust. Such an addition plays an integral role in guaranteeing the durability of the product.

All the included bases are designed in a way to allow for easy bit and base changes which prove to be a source of massive convenience.


This package includes a total of three router bases namely fixed, plunge, and D-handle. While the fixed base is equipped with a micro-fine depth adjustment to allow for precise modifications of 1/64-inch increments, the D-handle allows for similar increments but with an added benefit of a two-position handle.

The plunge base, on the other hand, is accompanied by a five-position turret stop, adjustable in nature and a depth adjustment of 5/128-inch per turn. Such a feature allows for accurate cuts and, therefore, enhanced performance.

Moreover, the product is accompanied by a full feedback control system which provides a consistent speed under load. This constant speed leads to lack of burns in the output. The variable-speed nature of the motor also allows you to adjust the rate as per the requirements of the task.


Enhanced performance marks this product. This adequate performance is guaranteed by the inclusion of a 12-amp motor with a horsepower of 2-1/4. Such a powerful motor allows this router to deliver accurate cuts regardless of how big the load is.

The inclusion of a sub-base concentricity gauge also helps this router deliver optimum performance. It is because such a gauge allows you to center the sub-base before cutting, leading to better results. The fact that you can work with the switch and the cord set on whichever side you are comfortable with helps this router provide you autonomy, which translates into better handling on your side and better performance by the router.


  • A three-year warranty accompanies the product which makes the purchase highly cost-effective

  • The router includes a quick-release motor latch which allows for swift removal of the motor

  • The variable speed system allows you to change the speed as per your desire

  • The cord-set listed in the package is detachable in nature and can be efficiently serviced

  • The dual collection system provides enhanced visibility as well as durability


  • The switch of the D-handle is quite stiff and uncomfortable to use

  • The size of the hard case is massive

  • A tedious process marks the precision depth adjustment ring

  • I find the noise made by the motor when starting the router to be a source of annoyance


All in all, this package proves to be a versatile kit which allows this router to be used for an array of jobs. This multifunctional nature of the router is a source of convenience for many. Moreover, the power of the motor is high which is commendable and yields satisfactory performance. I appreciate the dust-collection system since it makes operating the router easier while ensuring that I don't need to buy a new router anytime soon.

The router succeeds in providing professional grade quality and can be used by experts and novices alike. If you wish for a holistic package which is durable in nature, you will be satisfied with the performance of the DeWalt DE618B3 Router Kit.


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