Bosch PR20EVSK Router Review


Woodworking is not as complicated as it may seem to people. It is an art which requires skills, creativity and a little help from various tools. The tools you have govern how impeccable the output is going to be. Needless to say, the tools are an integral part of the woodworking process.

One such tool that you will need is a router. While there are various wood routers to choose from, each with its own set of features and pros and cons, I found the Bosch PR20EVSK to be an excellent router.


Compactness marks the design of this router. Such a size serves to be ideal for those who wish to store the product in their homes or who want to be able to transport it from one place to another.

The product also features a palm-grip design and is marked by a soft grip which allows for enhanced comfort when operating the router.

The router is accompanied by a spindle lock on the motor. This lock lets you quickly perform bit changes which prove to be a source of convenience. The aluminum construction of the product also allows for enhanced durability. Such robustness makes this product highly cost-effective. The fact that the speed dial is situated on the top of the router's body allows for easy access and, hence, enhanced convenience.


The features of this router make it an ideal product to be used for both at-home and professional projects. Such applications range from custom carpentry to mortising hinges.

The product is equipped with a variable speed system which allows you to change the speed as per the demands of the task being conducted. The speed can be varied between 15000 to 35000 RPM.

The fact that a soft start feature accompanies the product has allowed this router to exhibit optimum performance. It is because via this function, the startup torque is reduced, leading to better control and smoother performance.

A one-year warranty accompanies the product which lets this router seem credible in the eyes of potential customers.

A depth adjustment system is also included in the router. All you have to do is align and lower the motor and lock it. These modifications can be made effortlessly on a micro-level as well owing to the inclusion of wheels below the base of the router.

Those of you who value convenience will be happy to know that the product is accompanied by a front spindle lock which allows for ease in one-wrench bit changes.


Superior performance marks this router. Such an excellent performance is guaranteed via the powerful 5.6-amp motor with a 1.0 horsepower. Such a rating serves to be the highest that is found in small routers like this product. Its performance is also ensured by the user-friendly nature of the router which is marked by a simple operation.

Furthermore, not only does the router succeed in delivering clear and precise cuts, but it is also equipped with a system which allows for consistent performance. The constant response circuitry provides consistency in speed under load which protects the router from overload. Such a system leads to a guarantee of burn-free cuts.


  • The air vents present on the top of the router ensure that it doesn't get hot and enhance the durability of the product

  • A versatile bit-changing system accompanies the product

  • The router is comfortable to hold and easy to operate

  • The 7-step adjustable depth option allows for fast and accurate depth settings


  • The router does not have a dust cover on the power switch

  • The push button spindle lock was difficult to operate via one wrench

  • The product lacks side handles


All in all, while this product may not be the best option for those who indulge in woodworking as a hobby, it serves to be perfect for professional or somewhat experienced woodworkers.

The product is designed efficiently and offers superior performance when you consider the compact nature of the router. This router is easy to switch from one base to another which is very convenient.

If you want a router which is equipped with value-added features and feels comfortable to use, you will be satisfied with the performance of the Bosch PR20EVSK router.


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