Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit Review


Woodworking is not just a task. It is an art which requires knowledge of the process as well as a creative mind. It takes hard work to create beauty out of a few pieces of wood.

However, regardless of how skilled and creative you are, if you don't have high-quality equipment to materialize your creative thinking, you are at a loss.

Therefore, while your skills are the most important aspect of woodworking, you need to accompany this knowledge with excellent tools.

One such equipment is a router. While this device serves to be the most basic equipment of all, it is also one of the most crucial.

This is because it decides whether your output will be as accurate as you want it to be. If you are looking for a high-quality wood router, you may want to give the Bosch 1617EVSPK Router a try.


This product features a durable and robust design. Such durability is ensured by the fact that the motor housing, as well as the base of the product, is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum.

Moreover, the power switch is accompanied by a dust seal to protect it from damage, which further enhances the durability of the router.

The router also includes wooden handles on the fixed base and soft-grip handle on the plunge base. This addition to the design of the router allows for improved comfort and control when operating the product.

Both fixed and plunge bases are equipped with a precision centering design. This allows for the bit to be positioned in the center of the sub base, which allows you to ensure that your bit is on the cutting line that you planned.

Moreover, the bases are designed to be equipped with quick clamp systems which allow you to move the motor from one base to another without the aid of tools. Such an addition proves to be a source of massive convenience.


The manufacturers of this router back up their claim of durability with a one-year warranty. Such a guarantee plays a part in making this product highly cost-effective.

The product also features a variable dial which provides you with the power to set the speed of the router as per your desire and as per the requirement of your project. The speed can be varied from 8000 to 25000 RPM.

The router is also equipped with a consistent response circuity system. Such a system plays a part in making sure that a steady speed is maintained throughout the operation which in turn yields the correct output.

The soft start feature of the motor further provides you with better control and handling so that you are delivered a smooth and comfortable experience.

This kit includes an array of items including two-bit changing wrenches, T-handle hex height adjustment wrench, a carrying case, a fixed base with fixed base chip shield, a plunge base with a plunge base chip protection, collet chucks, and a motor. Such a kit allows this package to provide users with a holistic experience.


The performance of this router is satisfactory. The 12-amp motor which features a horsepower of 2.25 helps provide superior performance.

Furthermore, such a performance is ensured by the micro-fine depth adjustment system which allows you to adjust the depth to an accuracy of 1/64-inches, which leads to clear and precise cuts.


  • The motor is quite powerful

  • The dust seal allows for enhanced protection

  • The router is easy to use

  • The product has an optimum weight to allow for sturdiness

  • The inclusion of 0.5 and 0.25 inches of collet has proved to be very useful


  • The router base opening is not optimum for dovetail jigs


Overall, this router succeeds in being an excellent choice for novices and professionals alike. It manages to provide an array of benefits which outstrip the few flaws exhibited by the product.

If you wish for a router which allows you to avoid unnecessary trips to the tool shop as well as provide you with superior performance, you may want to give the Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit a try. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed.


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