Bosch 1617EVS Router Review


Are you a woodworker? If so, you will be aware of the complexities of the art of woodworking. It is not just about how skilled you are at your job, but it is also about how efficient and high quality your equipment is. The best of visions and skills can go to waste when combined with a sub-par tool. Hence, it is vital to be equipped with the best of the best.

One such tool that you will require is a router. While there are various options to choose from in the market, not all of them succeed in delivering a performance which is up to standard. If you are looking for an excellent router, you may want to give the Bosch 1617EVS router a try. It's one of our recommended large wood routers.


This router features a rugged design which plays an integral role in ensuring the durability of the product. The motor housing as well as the base of the product are made out of aluminum - making for a sturdy design.

Moreover, the power switch is equipped with a dust seal which serves to protect the switch from harm and, hence, adds to the durability of the product.

The design of the router is such that it allows you to choose whether to work with the switch and cord on the right or the left. This autonomy lets users decide what they are comfortable with which translates to a consistent and precise output. The router is designed in a way to make sure that the motor does not rotate during depth adjustment. Such an addition is lauded by many since it provides enhanced convenience.

Additionally, the precision centering design of this router ensures that the bit remains at the center position on the sub-base. Such a design allows you to make sure that the piece remains on the cutting line and, hence, gets the output you were hoping for.


This product features a variable speed dial which allows you to set the speed of the tool as per the requirement of your project. It can be varied between 8000 and 25000 RPM.

Furthermore, the router is equipped with Constant Response Circuity, which is built into the design of the product. This feature ensures that your router maintains a consistent speed throughout the process of cutting, hence yielding clean and accurate cuts.

The motor of the router is accompanied by a soft start feature which leads to a reduction in torque when starting the router. This feature, in turn, allows you to handle the router efficiently.

The fixed base which accompanies the product is equipped with a bit height adjustment technology which lets you adjust the height of the bit from the router table.


Excellent performance makes this router stand out. Its performance derives from the powerful 12-amp motor which has a horsepower of 2.25.

Moreover, the micro-fine depth adjustment situated at the base of the router plays an integral role in making sure that the performance of the product is up to par. The adjustment has a range of one inch and can adjust the depth to the accuracy of 1/64 inches which allows for clear and precise cuts.

Overall, the performance of the router is satisfactory due to the inclusion of the various value-added features of the product.


  • The product is equipped with a work light which is a source of convenience for many

  • The fixed base features threaded holes for efficient mounting

  • The soft grip handles allow for enhanced comfort

  • The product is double insulated, leading to a comfortable experience as well as improved durability


  • The C-ring keeps falling off

  • I find changing the bases a challenging and hectic process


All in all, this router succeeds in offering a powerful motor with a high horsepower along with other added benefits. While this product may not be the best for novices and hobbyists, the router can be efficiently used by intermediate and professional woodworkers.

If you are such a woodworker and wish for a product which allows you to make clear and precise cuts, then the Bosch 1617EVS Router will be the ideal choice for you.

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