Black & Decker BR318 Review

Executive Summary

With its small, compact design, and convenient auto-tracking, the BR318 is ideal for tight spaces, and would make an ideal tool for someone just getting into detailing work.

It also meets the basic needs of the average householder who is looking for a tool to do standard repair and replacement jobs. A good, reliable basic belt sander to have in your tool kit (for more product recommendations, click here).


Who Is It For?

Ideal for the average householder who is simply looking to have the tools needed to attend to common repairs, and occasional DIY projects, the BR318 would also suit someone who was just starting out with carpentry detail work, as it offers a good finish in tight spaces.


The BR318 gives a good finish when sanding close, or in small spaces. It is designed to be easy to use, and is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for a home tool box. The auto-tracking feature means you're not wasting time adjusting the sander belt, so you can simply get on with the job in hand.

The dust bag is easy to empty and the entire machine is lightweight and easy to use – the ergonomic front handle certainly helps too, making the BR318 easy to use even during longer carpentry sessions.


  • An affordable sander that is ideal to have in a basic home maintenance tool kit

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Ergonomic front handle design

  • Functional dust bag


  • The auto-tracking doesn't hold up on larger projects

  • Trigger lock is awkward to operate, being poorly located and somewhat stiff

Value for Money

The Black & Decker BR318 is a basic, lightweight belt sander. Designed for small, occasional projects, if you're simply looking to have a belt sander on hand, then this meets those needs, and at a good price.

For those who enjoy carpentry, and are looking to move into the power-tool arena, however, this probably wouldn't be much of a step up from a hand sander. In this case, you would be better off investing in a slightly more expensive model, although there's no need to go for the professional standard sanders just yet!


The manual for this can be found on our manuals page.