The 5 Best Mini Circular Saws

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The 5 Best Mini Circular Saws
1. Rockwell RK3440K
2. Worx Worxsaw
3. Genesis Control Grip
4. Makita Li-Ion Cordless
5. Dremel SM20-02
Mini Circular Saw Buying Guide
Mini Circular Saw Techniques and Tips

Steve Richards once said, "There's nothing worse than feeling creative and ready to tackle the job and not having the right tools."

As anyone who works with tools and takes part in lots of projects will tell you, this is true! This is why my power tool collection keeps growing, and it's the reason I put this guide together.

Not only will I give you the five best mini circular saws, but I'm also going to give you a comprehensive buying guide to go with it so you know exactly what to look for when you shop.

Ready? Let's jump right in!

The Five Best Mini Circular Saws: Reviews and Ratings

This compact circular saw comes with two choices. You can either buy just the saw, or you can buy the saw with a blade set. This saw is a good choice if you plan to use it on a variety of projects and cutting mediums.

It comes with a 4.0 amp motor that is capable of cutting through wood, plastics, tile, sheet metal, flooring, and much more.

This saw comes with a very ergonomic design that is comfortable enough to hold and power through larger projects with ease.

The handle features a slim grip that allows you to get a firm grip and have exact control for a safer cutting experience. The pivoting metal guard also keeps your fingers away from the blade as you work. 

You'll get a built-in laser that allows you to get the perfectly straight cut every time you use it. The cord is 120 inches long for maximum movement as well. Finally, you'll get a dust extraction adapter that'll help keep your area free of dust and debris as you work. 


  • Strong enough to cut through a variety of materials

  • Has several safety precautions

  • You get 10 feet of cord for maximum maneuverability


  • Blades can be difficult to swap out

  • May have to re-align it occasionally

  • Slightly heavy design

Editor's Rating - 9/10

Worx is a well-known company that specializes in tools like this compact circular saw.

I particularly like that this saw comes with a depth gauge lever that is very easy to set and adjust from 0 to 45 bevel settings.

This gives me the flexibility to make multiple adjustments as I work. You can use this saw to cut through wood, plastic, metal, and tile quickly and easily. 

You'll get a very lightweight design paired with a thin but powerful cutting blade. It comes with a left-sided blade design. This particular design allows for excellent cut line visibility and greater accuracy.

It comes with a built-in safety trigger that lets you control and balance the saw while staying comfortable. 

Along with the saw, you'll get an Allen key, parallel guide, and a vacuum adapter that makes it easy to keep your workspace clean. The three-year warranty protects your investment against defects or damage. 


  • Lightweight design weights 50-percent less than a traditional circular saw

  • Left-sided blade design gives you excellent line visibility

  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • Handle is larger, and can be difficult to get a good grip

  • Built-in safety switch is plastic

  • Tends to cut slower than other mini circular saws

Editor's Rating: 9/10

Since 2003, Genesis has produced quality power tools. Based in South Carolina, you can purchase their products online and in a variety of stores.

Their mini circular saw comes with a 5.8 amp motor. You'll get 3,500 RMP combined with a triple-gear reduction that gives you maximum torque each time you use it.

Combine this with the durable Tungsten-Carbide tipped blade to enhance this saw's performance. 

You'll get a dust port built right in along with a vacuum adapter that attaches to your vacuum to help keep your work area free of dust, debris, and shavings.

This compact saw contains a die-cast aluminum gearbox that comes housed in an ergonomic casing that allows you to use this saw easily with one hand. 

I enjoy the excellent cut line visibility that comes with this saw, and it's great for the precision work I do. The saw is also powerful enough to cut through two times the material without a problem.

The bevel and depth controls are very easy to adjust when you're working as well. I liked that it's lightweight enough to use with one hand, and it's also great for fitting in tight areas. 


  • Comes with a Tungsten-Carbide tipped blade

  • Features a dust port and vacuum adapter built in

  • Lets you get a firm grip on the handle


  • A lot of the smaller parts are plastic

  • May stall with larger cuts

  • Safety trigger is in an odd spot

Editor Rating: 7/10

Originally founded in 1915, Makita has over 100 years of experience manufacturing quality power tools.

This company has products available in over 40 different countries, and this kit is no exception. This mini circular saw come with a surprisingly powerful 1,500 RPM.

It comes with a one-inch maximum cutting depth. This saw allows you to make up to 90 degree cuts at a maximum depth of one inch, and you can make 45 degree cuts up to a maximum of 5/8 inches. 

You'll get a tilting base with this saw, and this tilting base lets you quickly and easily make bevel cuts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. It'll cut through a range of materials including particleboard, plywood, pegboard, drywall, and more.

When you purchase this saw, you get the choice of just the saw or a full kit. 

If you choose the kit, you get the saw, blade, lithium-ion battery, hard storage case, and a battery charger. The case makes it easy to pack everything up and store it once you're finished working with it. 


  • Comes with a tilting base that lets you make several cuts

  • Can buy just the saw or the entire kit

  • Three year limited warranty included


  • During thick cuts, blade can stall

  • Blade may not be totally parallel to the edge

  • Battery can drain quickly

Editor Rating: 8/10

Dremel has been manufacturing and distributing quality power tools and accessories since 1932.

As of 1993, Dremel was purchased by Robert Bosch GmbH, and it's considered a Robert Bosch Tool company division.

You'll choose from four different saw kits when you buy this compact saw. It comes with 6 amps for a quicker cutting speed combined with a second wheel position for flush cuts.

The kit itself comes with the saw, four different blades, a dust port and attachment, and a hard carrying or storage case.

You can tilt and maneuver the blade to suit different cutting mediums and depths, and it works well on both quick and long cuts. It's also designed to give you an excellent site line for straight cuts. 

It comes backed by a two-year warranty against damage or defects. Additionally, this saw is capable of cutting through wood, tile, laminate flooring, drywall, plastic, masonry materials, metal, and more.

It uses a three-inch blade that has a cut depth of three-quarter inches. 


  • Comes with four different blades, attachments, the saw, and a carrying case

  • Along with cutting, it's able to prepare certain surfaces

  • Get four different kit choices


  • Height adjustment and foot are plastic

  • Can get hot cutting certain materials

  • Blade locking mechanism can be difficult

Editor's Rating: 7/10

Mini Circular Saw Buying Guide

Now that you've had a chance to look at our reviews of the five best mini circular saws, we're going to give you important points to watch for to help ensure that you get a good saw. The last thing you want to do is spend money on something that you think is going to be awesome and be disappointed. 

Bevel Cut Capability 
If your saw has bevel cutting capability, it means that you'll be able to make cuts that range from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

These cuts are important because they can help make your project looked more finished and cleaner. This is important if you plan to do detail work like I routinely make cabinets and projects that need a very neat and finished look.

Any angle cuts you want to make can be done with a saw that has bevel cut capability. 

Blade Guard 
No matter what type of circular saw or saw in general you have, it has to have a blade guard. This is an extremely important safety feature that automatically comes with most saws.

This blade guard is the protective covering that separates the blade from your hand when you're working, and it also protects the blades from shocks in the event that you drop it. This guard is typically made out of metal to make it more durable. 

Blade Replacement 
If you're like me, you'll have to replace your blade periodically to keep it in good cutting condition. Blade replacement refers to how easy or difficult it is to actually change the blade as well as how available your saw's blades are.

Make sure that your saw has blades that are readily available. If they're not available in stores, make sure you can get them online. You may have to order straight from the saw's manufacturer. 

We all know certain power tools can be very expensive. Luckily for you, mini circular saws have a broad price range, and you can typically find a decent saw without breaking your budget.

You can find these types of saws for under $100, and professional grade saws range between $125 to $175. 

Corded or Cordless 
Corded miniature circular saws run on electricity, and you're tethered to an outlet by the saw's power cord. These types of saws are typically more powerful than the cordless variety; however, you're restricted in how far you can move.

Since they're usually more powerful and they don't have the limitations of a battery, they can usually cut through thicker materials with ease. 

On the other hand, you have cordless saws that run on batteries. These types of circular saws give you more movement and freedom, but you trade power for it.

They're only as powerful as the batteries that power them. This can limit the types of materials that these saws can cut through easily. 

Depth Adjustment Capabilities 
Unless you plan to stick to one type of cutting medium, your saw's depth adjustment capability will be vital to how easy it is for you to do your projects.

Depth adjustment simply refers to how thick your cutting material can be that your saw can successfully cut through without running into issues or stalling. Additionally, angled cuts will factor into how well your saw runs and performs. 

Dust Port 
One of the biggest selling points of mini circular saws is the convenience and freedom it gives you to work in small or tight spaces.

However, these small spaces also mean that it's easy for dust and debris to build up. If you saw comes with a dust port, you can funnel the dust into a bag or hook up your vacuum and suck the dust away as you work. 

Ergonomic Design 
You want your saw to have an ergonomic design. This means that the handle is slightly tapered or ridged, so it's easy for you to pick up and hold onto when you use it.

Your saw should also be nicely balanced and lightweight. This will allow you to use it for extended periods of time without getting fatigued or having to stop and rest your arm. 

The metal piece you find under your saw that helps to ensure it's stable while you work is called the footplate.

You want this to be made out of steel or another metal to ensure that it lasts as long as you have the saw. It also adds weight to your saw, so the type of metal will determine how heavy or light your saw is.

Magnesium plating is a good metal for the foot plate because it's very durable and lightweight. 

Laser Guide 
A laser guide is more of a luxury than something you need. However, it is nice to have. A laser guide shines ahead of your cutting area to give you a clear direction to cut. It helps you cut straight lines as you're working.

It can also provide a cutting point in dim or cramped conditions. Many mini circular saws have this feature installed and ready to use with a push of a button. 

How difficult is it to disassemble and reassemble your saw? You'll want to perform routine maintenance to ensure that your saw lasts for five years or more.

No matter how careful you are, dust and debris will eventually get wedged into the motor and the surrounding housing. Give you saw a good cleaning every few months and keep the blade guard on when it's not in use.

Mini Circular Saw Techniques and Tips

Just like a traditional size circular saw, there are techniques and tips you can use with your mini circular saw to get the best results for your projects. 

Setting Proper Blade Depth 
Before you plug your saw in or turn it on, make sure that the blade is set to the proper depth for the project you want to do. Hold your saw's blade against the side of the board.

The guard should be retracted at this point. Set the depth so that your blade's tooth is between one-eighth and one-fourth of an inch below your board. Tighten the blade to set it at this point. 

Avoiding Binding 
You always want the end of the cutting medium to be free to fall away once you finish the cut. You do want to consider that the piece that falls away can take a sliver of wood with it.

To avoid this, support the board throughout your cutting process. You don't want to clamp or restrict your cutoff piece though. 

Give Your Plywood Support 
When you use your saw to crosscut plywood, make sure that you support it. If you don't, your plywood can cause the plywood veneer to splinter or tear as your cutoff piece falls away. It can also cause your saw to bind mid-cut.

You can avoid this by setting two-by-fours on your sawhorses and spanning the length of the plywood with them. 

Avoid Kickback 
Think of kickback like sawing a tree branch that you're standing on. It's almost a guaranteed injury or disaster. The reason kickback happens is because the board you're cutting tends to bow down and pinch your saw's blade.

This causes the board to buck, or the saw to kickback. To avoid this, don't have your wood supported on both ends when you cut. 

Redo Your Mistakes 
Straight lines are an art form that takes practice to get right, and you'll have a few screw ups and mistakes along the way. If you notice that your saw is starting to go off track in the middle of a cut, don't try to guide it back.

Instead, shut off your saw, wait for the blade to stop spinning, put it out of the cut, and start the cut over. This is much easier and safer than trying to guide your running saw back on track. 

Getting the Perfect Cross Cut 
An easy way to get the perfect cross cut with your mini circular saw is to mark your cutting material along the side you plan to cut off.

Once you mark it, place your saw so that you have a clear view of the marked line just on the side of the board that you want to keep. Cut along your line. 

Mini circular saws are a must-have for both professional and hobbyists alike. Their convenient and compact design makes it easy to use them for a variety of projects, and they fit wonderfully in small spaces.

If you don't have one, you want to consider adding one to your tools soon to ensure that you have everything you need to tackle your next project.