The 5 Best Eyewear Retainers for Your Workshop

If you're wearing safety eyewear but taking regular breaks from your work, you don't want the frustration of setting your safety glasses aside, grabbing a coffee, only to come back and have to spend ten minutes trying to find them!

Eyeglass retainers are inexpensive and so light you'll barely notice they're there. Designed to fit to the arms of your glasses, and loop around your neck, these are effectively leashes for your glasses, which ensure you'll always have them with you.

Top 5 Eyeglass Retainers/Spectacle Leashes




#1: Best Buy EyeWear Retainer: Chums Original

Available in a range of colors, and suitable for people of all ages, these retaining straps are well made, and particularly suited to the wider arms of safety glasses.

They're affordable, especially as you get two in a pack, and are perfect for keeping with your safety spectacles in your workshop, truck, or kit bag.



#2: Croakies Terra System

With a range of color options, and the value-for-money offering of two eyewear leashes per pack, Croakies are a bold brand whose retaining straps offer a decent fit for most glasses, particularly larger, plastic framed options, such as safety glasses.




#3: FixGet Petrel S66

For the price, you're likely to be pleasantly surprised to find six retaining eyewear leashes per pack.

These are quite short, however, so may be better suited to children and teens than to adults.

They do, however, fit wide, plastic-framed glasses, such as safety glasses, very well, and come in at a very low price point.



#4: Yansuf Ind. Adjustable Floating Foam

Giving a smooth feel, and offering two colors – blue and black – in each pack, these eyewear retaining leashes are lightweight and comfortable, though better suited to casual DIY use than serious workshop or yard duties, as they do tend to slip off the arms of your glasses quite readily.

They are an affordable option for the weekend hobbyist who's looking for a bit of style in their eyewear straps.




#5: ONME Adjustable Eyewear Retainer

While this spectacle leash would need to be tighter on narrower framed eyewear, it does give a good grip on the wider arms common to most protective glasses.

While it is a very cheap option, especially considering you receive six per pack, this strap is not as durable as others available at a similar price.