Choosing a Router Bit

Buying router bits often comes after you have bought your new router. Selecting the proper router bits can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you are new in using routers. However, by following some of the next advice regarding the sizes of the router bits, you should not have big problems in choosing the correct bit.

  1. Router bits come in a few different shapes, based on the purpose you plan to use the router for. The most common router bit shapes include the beading bit, chamfer bit, cove bit, rabbeting bit, roundover bit, and straight-cutting bit.

  2. The beading bit is almost similar like the roundover bit, and this bit is usually used for making round shapes at the edge of the wood. This bit usually has a bearing tip and with the beading bit you can cut square shoulders on the bottom and the top of the rounded wood edges.

  3. Chamfer bit gives you the opportunity to cut an angle of 45 degrees on the surface edges. This is used for decorating the edges of the surface. This kind of bit is also very flexible and fairly easy to use.

  4. Cove bit is used for making concaves and for creating matching shapes with the beading and the stock`s round shape.

  5. Rabbeting bits are designed for making shoulders on the material`s edge, which is commonly used for getting together other stock pieces. Rabbeting bits usually come with bearing tip in different diameters, which can help you make different sizes of rabbets.

  6. Roundover bit is used for making rounded sharp on stock`s square edge and is also used for easing the edges.

Straight-cutting bit is used for making dado which is a square type of channel inside the stock`s center. Straight-cutting bits come in various diameters, lengths and sizes, which allow you to make different shapes. You can use the straight-cutting bit for cutting through materials or for hollowing out a specific area for particular purposes.

These were the shapes of router bits, but besides shapes you should also learn more about the sizes of the bits. Normally, the bits' two most common sizes are 1/2″ and 1/4″. Most of the ordinary types of routers allow you to use both sizes, but some routers with larger profiles only take shank bits that are 1/4″ in size. However, a better idea is to use the bits that are 1/2″ in sizes because they are more stable and help the users make smoother cuts.

After shapes and sizes, next thing to look into is the router bit speed and router speed. In general, routers work in speeds that range from eight thousand revolutions per minute to twenty-four thousand revolutions per minute. Router bits also work at various speeds. When you are looking for a router bit, always choose the router bit that matches the router speed in order to ensure maximum accuracy and smoothness in the operation. 

Besides the mentioned technical aspects of the router bit, final thing that needs to be checked is the price of the bits. Sometimes this is most important and decisive factor when searching for router bits. As with many of the other products on the market, usually the price of the product reflects its quality.

Some manufacturers of router bits offer unlimited guarantees for the product; however, these types of products can be unaffordable to many people. Router bits of highest quality are made by carbide and often have fine edges with good thickness that allows re-grinding.

As you can see, there are several factors that you should look into before choosing the most adequate router bit. Always ask yourself whether you will use the bit from time to time or you will work with it every day. Based on the answer you can narrow down your options.

Another thing to consider is whether you are buying the bit for general use or for working on a specific project. That way you can easily identify which router bits you need for your purpose. Always consider technical specifications of the router bits you are planning to buy and then choose the other appropriate products relating to it.

However, consider your budget too and always make your choices in accordance with your finances.

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